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Nowadays, study online is the most suitable option for students and professionals who want to move further in their careers but do not have enough time to commute and attend face-to-face lessons.

María Ines Di Pietro

Your online teacher

I am aware of business demands, how difficult time management is, and the need for continuous training in order not to be at risk of exclusion from the increasingly demanding job market.

Since 2007 I have been devoted to teaching English and Spanish to adults, and during the last few years I have specialized in the language and business area.

Advantages of studying online


Our students say …

“Excellent teacher, I highlight her well-organized teaching, commitment, patience and knowledge.
I studied with her for seven years and I made great progress in the development of my English skills. I hope you can study with her and move forward in the language you choose to learn. I totally recommend her.”
Juan Quiroz

“I was lucky enough to find Maria Inés contact information and I started studying English with her, a language that has opened doors for me to do what I love the most: traveling.

Maria Inés has patience to teach and is committed to her work! She always helps you with the topics you need to revise and makes you feel self-confident when you have an exam! I highly recommend her if you want to learn to speak a new language.”

Magalí Couselo

“I consider myself lucky to have been studying with Maria Inés for several years. She adapted the teaching methods to my elderly age. We practiced grammar and vocabulary again and again in a pleasant way. We read and discussed novels I loved.
I value her commitment to work and responsibility. I also appreciate her kindness and positive approach. I hope I can continue counting on her. I’m very grateful.”

Susana Cordido

“Her demand drives me to move forward and not to give up; her teaching level gives me self-confidence; her teaching approach is very effective and allows me to see my progress day by day.”

Yamila Nieto

“«You can never understand one language until you understand at least two», Geoffrey Willans, the English writer, once said. And if we also have the opportunity to learn it with somebody who loves what they do as in the case of Maria Inés Di Pietro, the experience is doubly fulfilling.”

Eva Isabel Ruiz Barrios

“The way in which the teacher plans and develops the lessons allows the students to understand the language in a comprehensive manner; reading and writing practices are fostered in order to understand grammar and sociocultural uses of the language.

Additionally, customized lessons allow reflecting on one’s learning process.”

Analía García