About me

My name is María Inés Di Pietro, I’m Argentinian and a native Spanish speaking teacher.

Although I have had a passion for teaching since I was a child, work priorities led me to do an IT degree after high school. I worked in IT for different companies during 20 years, getting to be in charge of an analysts and programmers team. This provided me with inside knowledge and experience about how the business world works.

I am aware of business demands, how difficult time management is, and the need for continuous training in order not to be at risk of exclusion from the increasingly demanding job market.

Parallel to my job I did a Psychopedagogy course at university and several language teaching courses.

Since 2007 I have been devoted to teaching English and Spanish to adults, and during the last few years I have specialized in the language and business area.

I now invite you to visit “Business Spanish” to find out about the courses designed to help you in your career.

María Ines Di Pietro

María Inés Di Pietro



  • University of Cambridge
    BEC Higher (Business English Certificate Higher)
    CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

  • One-to-one Business English School (London, UK)
    Professional English Intensive Course
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires (Capacitarte)
    Comprehensive Business English Program
  • Instituto Hemingway (Bilbao, España)
    – Accredited by Instituto Cervantes
    Spanish as a foreign language teacher’s course
  • Centro Alpha (Buenos Aires)
    Grammar for teaching Spanish as a second or foreign language

Other qualifications

Universidad del Salvador
Information and Communication Technology

Universidad CAECE